Trials for the NPL (2019) boys teams will be held between the 6th of October 2018 and the 13th of October 2018 at Churchill Reserve. Please register your interest via the following link <2019 NPL Boys Trials> to stay up to date with the latest information.


How You Will Be Assessed

Player Criteria – players will not only be assessed on their footballing skills but the coaching panel will be looking at a player’s attitude as well. 

  • Football Attitude: how a player reacts to his coach and his peers during the trial process.
  • Fitness Levels: players are expected to demonstrate that they are able to sustain a 60 minute training session.
  • Skill Level: players are expected to have and show a very high level of football skills.
  • Appearance: players are expected to attend trials in appropriate football attire.

Training Session and Assessments:

  • Ball Skills: Ball Control – Dribbling – Passing (Short and Long) – Heading
  • Defending: Tackling and Defending to retrieve a ball in game sessions
  • Running: Sprinting for Speed Training
  • Discipline: Attention to Discussions and Instructions – Task Completion – Respect for all Coaches.

If you require more information please email us at:



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