Away to Ballarat (Morsehead park) – Sunday 12th February

Pitch 1

U12 x2-10:00am

U13- 11:15am

U15- 12:30am


Pitch 2

U14- 10:00am

U16- 11:15am

U18- 1pm


Away to Moreland City (Campbell reserve) – Sunday 19th February

U12- 845am ground 1 & 2

U13- 10:00am ground 1

U14- 11:15am ground 1

U15- 12:30am ground 1

U16- 1:55pm ground 1

U18- 3;30pm ground 1


Playing Dandenong City @

Keilor park Synthetic – Sunday 26th February

Pitch 1

U12 x2- 9:00am

U16 – 10:20pm


Pitch 2

U13- 10:00am

U14- 11:15am

U15- 12:30pm

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