By Roanna Sanelli
Photo: Mark Avellino

The St Albans Saints have secured a crucial victory following their 2-1 win against Altona Magic on Saturday night.

Dinamo’s lacklustre performance in Box Hill forced them to re-group and re-focus in preparation for their clash against the former State League one side.

The hosts have proven themselves to be a competition contender which was highlighted by their immediate aggression and pressure.

Altona’s clinical passing and excellent positioning created early frustration for Dinamo whom were initially unable to retain possession for extended periods of time.

Despite this, the Saints too placed pressure on every exchange and continually attempted to anticipate the play of their opponents.

Indeed, it was these tactics which saw the visitors capitalise on an opening and it was Rodrigo Covarrubias’ who gave his side the lead with his shot travelling into the top left-hand corner of the goal.

The hosts were quick in their transitions and aerially dangerous with several headers narrowly missing the mark; including one ruled offside by the referee.

In fact, it was a header from a free-kick which provided the equaliser for Altona magic following a defensive lapse in concentration.

Tempers flared and among a flurry of yellow and red cards it was goalkeeper Robert Santilli whose quick saves prevented the hosts from taking the lead.

Poor communication from Dinamo saw the visitors make several threatening balls into the goal box.

Yet, it was the Saints whose persistence saw results, when captain Michael Grgic’s half-volley bested the keeper to give his side an important advantage.

Dinamo managed to keep their opponents at bay despite many heated exchanges and two red cards including one to midfielder Daniel Slovacek.

The win will be a positive boost to the Saints’ campaign, as they look ahead to their clash with Moreland City on Sunday.

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