By Roanna Sanelli

Photo: Dion Fountas Photography

The St Albans Saints were narrowly defeated three two at the hands of Port Melbourne on Sunday afternoon.

Dinamo were again searching for a victory to boost their campaign after a closely fought draw against rivals North Geelong in the previous round.

Anthony Katiforis returned for the Saints and partnered Captain Ryan McGuffie in the centre of defence while Michael Grgic moved into a central midfield position.

The clash began in a slow fashion with play going from end to end.

However the hosts soon took the lead following a costly error in judgement combined with a slight fumble from goalkeeper Aaron Romein.

Joseph Monek made his presence felt in the match and posed a threat for the opposition whenever the ball was in his possession.

His quick runs down the left flank created several opportunities for the visitors but several of the various chances made were not converted.

Indeed, it was a fast-paced Port Melbourne which were again able to find the back of the net doubling their lead while the visitors were again forced to play from behind.

Yet, the goals somewhat encouraged the squad into action and it was Monek who singlehandedly brought his side back into the contest after his run and eventual strike into the bottom corner of the net.

The timely goal further propelled Dinamo to come forward, and their attacking momentum resulted in a Caleb Mikulic attempt saved by the opposition keeper.

Their efforts were rewarded when a handball inside the area gifted the Saints a penalty and the golden chance to equalise.

McGuffie converted from the spot to level the proceedings for the visitors whom went into the half time break with a renewed confidence.

However, the start to the second term did not highlight this positivity as the hosts overran the squad in certain areas while attempting to always maintain possession.

The Sharks once again took the lead after another defensive error from the visitors.

Dinamo’s tempo had dramatically slowed and long balls utilised rarely resulted in causing any form of threat to the opposition.

The final ten minutes of the match were marked by intense attacking plays by the Saints but it was again a case of too little too late.

Dinamo will regroup ahead of their Mother’s Day clash against rivals the Melbourne Knights on Sunday.


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