By Roanna Sanelli
Photo: Mark Avellino

Dinamo have gone back to winning ways after their 2-1 victory against Nunawading City on Sunday afternoon.

A demoralising defeat from the previous fixture, forced Dinamo to go back to the drawing board with coach Kruni Razov making a few slight changes.

Among these were the additions of Hernan Espindola on the wing and Anthony Katiforis in his central defensive position.

The Saints started in an aggressive fashion with Matthew Cundari playing higher up to support striker Rodrigo Covarrubias.

Pressure was excellent on and off the ball with defenders Marko Bagaric and Nana Yaw given more creative freedom and were able to push forward on the flanks.

The host’s Massimo Murdocca proved to be a dangerous force when given time and space on the ball and utilised his pace to create gaps in the play.

Dinamo continued to focus on transitioning from defence to attack but despite their efforts, there were minimal shots on goal.

Much like their opponents, Nunawading made excellent moves when coming forward, yet the final balls were lacking.

Midway through the half, an injured Espindola was replaced by Adrian Barresi following an ongoing strain.

Despite the setback, it was captain Michael Grgic whom came close to scoring the opener, but his header was saved by some quick thinking from the opposition goalkeeper.

The Saints began the second term in a strong manner with Covarrubias’ strike causing a lunging save from the keeper.

Moments later it was Robert Santilli whom was forced to make a similar save after a shot from the edge of the area.

Indeed, the momentum had swung in favour of the hosts and minutes later they took the lead following a slot home from an unmarked midfielder.

The goal did not appear to stop the forward surges of the Saints whom had a ball directly in front, deflected off the cross bar.

It was defender John Lazaridis whom equalised for the visiting side with an impeccable strike from distance which travelled straight into the top left-hand corner.

The plethora of ex A-league players in the host side were a positive boost for Nunawading as they again began to open spaces in dangerous areas of the pitch.

Daniel Slovacek’s shot proved to nearly unravel the efforts of the hosts as the ball rebounded off the cross-bar.

It was in the final minutes of play that forward Juso Julardzija scored the winner from a rebounded Grgic free kick to give his side a long-awaited victory.

The Saints will next face Box Hill United on Saturday afternoon.

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