By Roanna Sanelli
Photo: Dion Fountas           

The St Albans Saints have succumbed to defeat three one at the hands of Ballarat City on Sunday afternoon.

Three sole chances were all converted by the visitors to claim an away win despite conceding a goal.

Moral was high for coach Kruni Razov’s men following their first-round victory and were focussed on minimizing the room for error and continuing their winning momentum.

However, the hosts did not finish their opening fixture unscathed, with new signing Dominic Failla succumbing to injury.

Daniel Slovacek was slotted into the starting eleven and was eager to make an impact as he had done previously.

Indeed, the hosts sought to make an immediate mark on the game by maintaining an elevated level of pressure on their travelling opponents.

Passes were kept short, quick and precise so to minimize possession loss and close any eventual gaps on the pitch.

Naturally the play disrupted any forward momentum or rhythm of the visitors and the consequent frustration resulted in brash challenges being made.

Unfortunately for Ballarat, the momentum of the match was in the favour of the hosts whom had several scoring opportunities, but all travelled wide of the goals.

Mid-way through the half, Rodrigo Covarrubias found range, but his strike hit the cross-bar and the eventual follow-up shot by Joseph Monek narrowly missed the inside of the left post.

The visitors continued to not create any scoring chances, yet luck was not with Dinamo either when their goal was ruled offside.

Ballarat’s poor initial performance somewhat propelled them into action in the second term as the hosts appeared to be unsettled.

Despite the Saints’ numerous attempts, it was the visitors whom struck the first with a curling ball from distance straight into the top left corner.

Dinamo continued to open up the play and create opportunities with no goal.

Ballarat added another two to their score which saw them jump to a three-goal lead.

While the hosts managed to get onto the scoresheet, the result was already well beyond conclusion.

Dinamo will next face Werribee City at Churchill Reserve on Sunday.

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