By: Josip Hercog
Photo: Dion Fountas Photography

The St Albans Saints have started the second half of the season the same way they started the first, losing 0-1 to Avondale at Churchill Reserve on Sunday afternoon.

Dinamo’s hopes were to get a positive start to the second half of the season and stay within reach of the pace at the rear end of the table.

Moving back to a 4-3-3 formation, coach Kruni Razov sacrificed Ben Shaper and Caleb Mikulic who made way for Rodrigo Covarrubias and Hernan Espindola in the starting lineup.

The first half was all Avondale, who saw more of the ball and more chances with Dinamo’s defence holding up well and soaking up all the pressure.

Dinamo’s best chance of the half came from Matthew Cundari in the 21st minute. After breaking down the right wing and executing two successful cut-ins he opened up the angle with a strong left foot strike just outside the box which was denied by Oldfield.

The second half saw more of the same with Dinamo’s defence absorbing all the pressure thrown at them.

The 58th minute saw the first part of controversy. Espindola’s dink over the Avondale defence found Covarrubias one-on-one with Oldfield. The striker found the back of the net however was called offside in an arguable decision.

Goalkeeper Aaron Romein was called into action in the 68th minute when Avondale’s Kristian Trajceski found himself alone in the box. His header was low with Romein completely stretched.

The second part of controversy came in the 69th minute as Jean-Carlos Solorzano finished a rebounded ball which was narrowly called offside. This sparked fury in the fans and the players.

The last 15 saw the game stretched with what was turning into an end-to-end game.

The dagger came in the 80th minute after Avondale’s substitute Omar Ammache slotted home a scrambled ball in the box.

Avondale’s Jeffrey Fleming was sent off with a minute to go after an unnecessary late challenge on Michael Grgic.

With the last kick of the game, Grgic was on the end of a scrambled ball which was driven towards the goal however wasn’t converted.

Attention now turns to next week as Dinamo travels to Hume City on Saturday night.


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