2017 Junior Trials

11 responses to “2017 NPL and Junior Girls Trials”

  1. Noah says:

    Do we register for the trial or just go there on the day?

    • Danny Jutrisa says:

      Hi Noah,

      yes, please register on the day. Ensure that you are there in time to be able to register 30min prior to the trial.

  2. Adrian Vukoivc says:

    Hi I was wondering when trials will be held for your U20 team

  3. Robert Runje says:

    Just filled out the expression of interest form but when l put my son’s DOB it doesn’t allow me to submit the form.
    Can someone help?

  4. Stefan says:

    For the boys NPL trial outs today one of my friends said th y got a message saying that they got in but we didn’t get a message not sure what to do?

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